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Corporate Coaching is a powerful, cutting edge tool for creating positive change within organizations. Coaching can be performed with individuals, or with teams.

With Corporate Coaching the emphasis is on development in order to meet individual and organizational vision, mission, values, performance and strategic goals.

In individual Corporate Coaching (could also be termed Executive Coaching in some cases), Mike Roberts will work directly with you, often in weekly sessions. You can expect major gains within yourself, and in your department, in many areas, including communications, performance, engagement and leadership.

Mike can also be retained on a group, departmental or team level, for general development, or to meet a specific organizational goal.

Mike brings a wealth of experience and pragmatic, science-based tools for success. He has an easy-going and colorful approach that sets adult learners at ease, and heightens their ability to learn and integrate this powerful information.

Corporate Coaching brings a wealth of benefits to organizations:

  • Managers become excellent leaders
  • Employees become fully engaged and motivated
  • Performance increases while stress levels decrease
  • Individuals, and groups are flexible and forward moving when it comes to change
  • Executives manage time, responsibilities, communications, teams and deliverables effectively
  • Teams work effectively together and increase their success in key areas

Mike Roberts can be retained for corporate coaching on a monthly basis or on a project level, and rates will depend on level of engagement.

If you are interested in Corporate Coaching on an individual or team basis, contact Mike Roberts for a complimentary consultation.


Mike Roberts Corporate Trainer

Are you ready for the next level in professional and personal success?

Mike Roberts is available for traditional structured, one-on-one corporate/executive and life coaching.

Depending on your needs, you may work with Mike directly in weekly or biweekly sessions. Sessions can be held in person, or via phone.

With coaching, you can expect fundamental change in your ability to reach success, change that is both rapid AND long-lasting.

Personal Corporate or Life Coaching with Mike is for those that have a serious commitment towards development, performance, and success.

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mike_pose1Have you ever attended a workshop or read a book on Management Skills, and had questions once you began to implement the techniques you learned?  Well that will never happen again with the programs on Corporate Trainer Online.  As a member, your company or organization will have access to online coaching with Mike Roberts. As a member of Corporate Trainer Online every member of your company or organization not only has access to the online workshops and seminars, but personal coaching from Mike Roberts a corporate trainer with over 25 years experience working with hundreds of corporations across North America.
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Have you ever wished that you could call up the author of a book on Management Skills that you just read, and ask him or her to help you implement the techniques explained in the book.  How about calling up a speaker who just presented a workshop at you company and asking them why you are having trouble with the techniques they just presented.  In other words , ask them to coach you.  Good luck, right?

Well that will never happen to you when your Company becomes a member and partners with Corporate Trainer Online.  You simply go to the Coaching Page at Corporate Trainer Online and enter your situation or question in detail and Mike will send you an answer within 24 hours.