Online Coaching

mike_pose1Have you ever attended a workshop or read a book on Management Skills, and had questions once you began to implement the techniques you learned?  Well that will never happen again with the programs on Corporate Trainer Online.  As a member, your company or organization will have access to online coaching with Mike Roberts. As a member of Corporate Trainer Online every member of your company or organization not only has access to the online workshops and seminars, but personal coaching from Mike Roberts a corporate trainer with over 25 years experience working with hundreds of corporations across North America.
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Have you ever wished that you could call up the author of a book on Management Skills that you just read, and ask him or her to help you implement the techniques explained in the book.  How about calling up a speaker who just presented a workshop at you company and asking them why you are having trouble with the techniques they just presented.  In other words , ask them to coach you.  Good luck, right?

Well that will never happen to you when your Company becomes a member and partners with Corporate Trainer Online.  You simply go to the Coaching Page at Corporate Trainer Online and enter your situation or question in detail and Mike will send you an answer within 24 hours.