Managers: Coping with Emotional Situations at Work

Often managers are not equipped to deal with what they find a very scary scenario - Someone is very upset at work.

However this is not a situation that can just be ignored. An upset person can throw a pale over a whole department. Also, it is just plain good leadership and compassion to attempt to help the person that is upset.

Here are some basic tips about coping with emotional upset, adapted from the article How to cope with emotional situations at work in Training Journal.

  • Focus on the difference you observe when communicating the problem: Say, "you seem a little more down than usual" instead of "are you ok?"
  • Deal with it promptly - The sooner the better. The longer you let things brew, the harder your communication will be, and the less supportive it will seem.
  • Give the opportunity for the person to talk - without feeling the need to "fix" or give advice.
  • Be consistent in how you respond to these types of challenges, and you will avoid any seeming favoritism
  • Ask what the person needs - instead of dictating or assuming

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